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1287-1295 High Street Malvern

Architectural Images are Artist Impressions
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An outstanding commitment to craftsmanship

Composed of sophisticated architecture, bespoke interiors and glorious outdoor spaces, these high-end homes reimagine modern sophistication while staying true to traditional craftsmanship and timeless elegance.

Timeless architecture designed to embody the refined essence of Malvern.

With its expertly curated design choices and profound respect for the environment, Malvern Gardens stands as a true testament to contemporary urban living in perfect harmony with its surroundings. The marriage of thoughtful elements and artful execution culminates in an exceptional residential haven, where refined aesthetics and organic connections converge, promising an unparalleled lifestyle for residents.

Exhibiting a powerful linear form, Malvern Gardens’ facade effortlessly fuses timeless elegance with contemporary sophistication, presenting an architectural gesture that captivates the senses. Drawing inspiration from the neighbouring gardens and paying homage to the area’s heritage fabric, the design team has employed an earthy palette of materials—concrete, bronze-tone cladding, and glass—to celebrate the beauty of raw materiality.

Architecture by Ewert Leaf

Tell us a bit your long-standing relationship with Roulston and commitment to enriching the architectural fabric of Stonnington.

Roulston and Ewert Leaf have been working together for over ten years now. During this time we’ve delivered seven quality projects together and have learnt so much about what people genuinely want when downsizing or moving into an apartment. We know the Stonnington area incredibly well and have gained invaluable insight and expertise into the needs of this discerning market. With every project, we are constantly improving and it is our belief that Malvern Gardens will be our best project to date. In the last 15 years, our firm has gained invaluable experience designing contemporary apartments and we can confidently say that we are experts in the field.

What is the design aesthetic of Malvern Gardens and how does this complement the established character of the area?

The architecture has purposefully been kept restrained and elegant. We want the building to age gracefully over time and look as beautiful in a decade as it does now. Malvern is full of spectacular Edwardian and Victorian residences, and we’ve used this as a big source of inspiration for the design. Similar to Edwardian buildings where there is a contrast of textures and colours, we’ve combined bronze feature metal pieces with pale concrete. The concrete itself is both smooth and textured, providing subtle shadow play during different times of the day and a beautiful tactile quality. We’re putting our name to this building so it’s really essential to us that it stands the test of time.

Could you describe some of the key features of these homes?

Our experience in Stonnington is that people want generous living zones, permeable indoor-outdoor areas and timeless materials – all of which have been included at Malvern Gardens. It is also mandatory from our perspective to include ESD initiatives in the design and as such, the building incorporates rainwater harvesting, solar power and is EV ready. Each residence includes wide hallways, expansive glazing and high ceilings to create a sense of being in a standalone home rather than an apartment.

What is your relationship with the Malvern area?

Malvern is a really familiar location to us having successfully delivered High and Spring several years ago. We know and appreciate the exceptional amenity of the area. At Malvern Gardens, residents will have Glenferrie Road and High Street at their doorstep, as well as an abundance of beautiful outdoor spaces. It really is an outstanding location with great connectivity to the CBD and as architects, we feel privileged to be working here.

will leaf
Managing Director – ewert leaf

The building’s exterior expresses a restrained yet impactful combination of these refined materials. Metalwork reveals and precisely framed elements weave a harmonious visual rhythm, artfully accentuating bespoke lines and grand full-height openings. A subtle interplay of smooth and scored concrete surfaces casts light and shadow, skilfully infusing the facade with a sense of depth and dimension.

Embracing the idea of forging a connection with nature, Malvern Gardens thoughtfully integrates generously designed private courtyards and terraces, beckoning residents to engage with the surrounding environment. Soaring windows act as seamless portals, effortlessly uniting the interior and exterior, allowing the natural splendour to become an integral part of daily life. Enveloped in an oasis of lush vegetation, the building bestows its occupants with the gift of daily communion with nature, fostering a harmonious living experience.

Malvern Gardens’ thoughtful arrival experience provides the warmest of welcomes home each day. Here, a landscaped pathway leads residents directly to the stylish lobby designed for optimum security and convenience. Adorned in an immaculate selection of finishes together with bespoke feature lighting, this well-crafted space sets the tone for what’s within.

Interiors by Ewert Leaf

What is your overarching intention when designing interiors?

The brief from Roulston for Malvern Gardens was to create a collection of boutique homes that is both aspirational and a point of difference to what’s available in the market. When we’re creating the interiors our focus is always on treating them as individual homes rather than apartments. We strive to replicate what buyers have been living in in their original larger homes to ensure there is no compromise, and residents feel at home. Residents at Malvern Gardens are assured a generosity of space, privacy and quality.

Could you describe some of the distinctive interior features that will enhance the lives of residents?

Each residence features an entry credenza so when residents get home there’s a really lovely touchpoint for dropping off keys and mail. We’ve considered our residents when designing the interiors to make sure everything is really functional and ergonomic. There’s many considered initiatives that we’ve incorporated, for example having the ovens wall-mounted means ease of use for the older demographic while being safer for young children. The fireplace also brings a lot of character to the living spaces. It provides that sense of warmth that people gravitate towards.

Tell us a bit about the project’s beautiful interior materiality.

Our focus is always on creating palettes that are enduring, timeless and span a long lifetime. The porcelain slab that we’ve featured in the butler’s pantries and laundries is a really durable material resistant to staining, scratching and heat. We’ve also used natural stone in an elegant mottled pattern which will age beautifully overtime. Throughout, large format European Oak flooring will complement resident’s own styling and furnishing while providing inherent warmth and a beautiful tactile quality. We’ve worked with George Fethers for a long time and have the benefit being able to drop into the showroom and show residents what the finishes look like when installed.

What has been the benefit of collaborating with Roulston on multiple projects in the last decade?

On each project we learn more about the details that really work in a home. We’ve delivered a lot of projects in this area from Hawthorn all the way down to Brighton and we have a really strong understanding of what residents like to have in their homes. We take all of the learning and experiences that we gain from each project and ensure that they’re implemented in future projects. Malvern Gardens is our best design to date and will stand the test time while enhancing the lives of each resident.

Simone MacGinley
Director – ewert leaf

Living & Entry

Distinguished by generous proportions and indoor-outdoor flow, Malvern Gardens’ open-plan living room sets new standards in sophistication. Here, floor-to-ceiling windows harvest an abundance of sunlight while allowing verdant vistas to become the backdrop to daily life. Founded upon light timber flooring selected for both its durability and natural beauty, this artfully crafted sanctuary caters perfectly to the modern lifestyle.

Cultivating an air of opulence, the electric fireplace offers a striking centrepiece while efficiently warming the space. The accompanying plinth is carved from elegant natural stone, combined with integrated joinery for your television and media unit.

Light Scheme
Dark Scheme

Future Proof Design

Novas Smart Lock

Enjoy touchless access to your apartment with Novas’ industry leading Smart Lock System, a safe and innovative security technology that allows you to manage your lock via smart phone. While offering the convenience and flexibility of RFID, Biometric, Pin Code and Bluetooth technologies, the system acts a digital key which you can easily share with friends or tradespeople.

Solar Panels

Significantly reducing the building’s carbon footprint, Malvern Gardens rooftop is equipped with innovative photovoltaic panels which harness power from the sun and convert it into electricity for the building. Residents will enjoy lower energy bills, enhanced value to their home and a cleaner living experience for years to come.

My Parcel Lockers

The ultimate luxury and convenience, Malvern Gardens residents will enjoy access to 24/7 secure My Parcel Lockers for safe storage of your deliveries. Residents will never have to wait around for Couriers again with notifications by SMS and email as soon as parcels are delivered. All courier companies and postal services are supported.

EV Charging

As we move towards a greener future, the demand for electric vehicles in Australia has never been higher. The height of convenience for those with an electric vehicle, Malvern Gardens has been designed with the capacity for EV charging stations and the Owner’s Corporation will be able to install one for a private lot after occupancy.

The heart of the home, Malvern Gardens’ kitchen has been designed to elevate culinary rituals while allowing for effortless entertaining among residents. Here, natural marble surfaces cultivate a sense of refinement while providing a durable workbench for experimenting with new recipes. Appointed with a suite of cutting-edge Miele appliances along with a spacious and well-equipped butler’s pantry, this thoughtfully designed space embodies the pinnacle of contemporary sophistication.

The Finest Suppliers



One of the world’s leading appliance manufacturers, Miele’s products set standards for durability, performance, ease of use, energy efficiency, design and service. Residents will enjoy a suite of Miele’s innovative appliances, elevating the tasks of cooking and cleaning.



Sphera’s interior lighting products respond to the needs of modern and contemporary environments, featuring minimalist design with functionality at its core. Malvern Gardens has been afforded with a range of their stylish and energy efficient LED products.



The supplier of choice for the industry’s biggest names in interior design, Signorino has grown into Australia’s number one destination for quality tiles and stone. Malvern Gardens features their exquisite natural stone along with contemporary mosaic and porcelain tiles.

George Fethers


With a strong focus on sustainability, George Fethers has been inspiring people to create beautiful interiors since 1865. From the company’s timeless Maison range, Malvern Gardens features their highly resilient and textural floorboards.

New Age Veneers


New Age Veneers is a leading supplier driven by a desire to deliver high-quality and environmentally responsible reconstructed veneer. Chosen for its enduring quality and refined aesthetic, the Navurban timber-look finish delivers an added layer of depth to the luxurious master bedrooms.



Distinguished by fine aesthetics and unparalleled functionality, Novas provides elevated hardware with an architectural edge. Malvern Garden’s residences are appointed with Novas’ refined products, selected for both practicality and sophistication.

Master Ensuite

Crafted without compromise, Malvern Gardens’ ensuite has been designed to evoke a hotel-style level of luxury. Centred by an alluring travertine wall, the layered finishes palette creates a rich sensory experience that is not only visually delightful, but beckons the hand to reach out and touch. Complete with a large free-standing tub and oversized walk-in shower, this exquisite space is one of authentic artistry and unrivalled practicality.

Characterised by symmetrical proportions, the grand double-vanity provides residents with an unprecedented sense of space. Plentiful storage offers space for all your bathroom wares, combined with stylish feature tapware and carefully appointed light fixtures.

Light Scheme
Dark Scheme

Looking out onto flourishing vegetation, the luminous master bedroom is a private oasis infused with an atmosphere of tranquillity. Appointed with thoughtfully crafted full-height robes and sumptuous wool carpets, here practicality and sophistication go hand-in-hand. Responding to a growing shift towards remote and hybrid working, Malvern Gardens also features a well-appointed study area with a built-in desk and ample shelf space.

Unparalleled in both luxury and convenience, the master bedroom is afforded with large built-in robes featuring a variety of storage options – from built-in hangers and cabinetry to generous shelving.

Gardens by Jack Merlo

What are some of the benefits of living close to green open space?

A site located two doors from Malvern Gardens doesn’t come along everyday. Here, residents will have acres of established trees, meandering paths and rolling greenery at their fingertips. They could start their day with a lap around the gardens before coming back in the afternoon to sit beside the water fountain. The gardens will be something that residents will use everyday. There’s been so many studies done that prove that a connection to nature and open space is so important to health and wellbeing, and to have all this on your doorstep but not have to worry about maintenance will be incredible for future residents.

How has the location been a source of inspiration for the design?

A lot of our projects are in Stonnington and I live here myself so I feel quite connected to the area. Malvern is known for its beautiful gardens, grand homes and tree-lined streets. We’ve drawn lots of inspiration from this and tried to bring a piece of the local landscape character into the project.

How will these outdoor spaces enhance the lives of future residents?

People moving to Malvern Gardens from large houses won’t need to leave behind their beautiful gardens. Malvern Gardens will provide all the conveniences of apartment living but in a house-sized apartment with equally generous outdoor courtyards and gardens. One of my strong design philosophies is to ensure that gardens are highly functional. In this case we’ve worked closely with Rollo and Ewert Leaf to ensure the floor-plans connect with the outdoor spaces and that there are visual connections to nature in every space.

Could you tell us a bit about the plant palette?

We’ve tried to create a landscape that has contemporary elements but also uses a lot of plants that are seen within local gardens and parks. We always try to create spaces with beautiful seasonal changes. There’s going to be canopy trees which colour up beautifully in autumn as well as lower ground covers and shrubs chosen for their flowering interest throughout the year.

What do you love most about being a landscape architect?

I’ve been doing this now for close to 25 years and I am still so passionate about what I do. Every project offers a different challenge and working with excellent developers and designers excites me and gives me energy each day. It’s great at this stage of my career to still be loving what I do so much. By having a small team it ensures I have a personal involvement in every project – no design goes out of the office without me working personally on it and finessing it. It ensures the quality is always of the highest possible standard.

jack merlo
Director – jack merlo

Paying homage to the nearby Malvern Gardens – a prime example of Victorian-era landscaping – the landscape design conjures a sense of enchantment and elegance. Providing unparalleled connections to nature, the open-plan living area spills seamlessly out onto an expansive terrace encircled by lush plantings and rambling vines. Ground-floor residences enjoy a more traditional garden experience complete with a magnificent arbour and large alfresco dining area.

Through working closely with buyers in the area for over a decade, we made a commitment to future proofing these homes and ensuring sustainable living.

NatHERS Average Star Rating

The Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) provides energy ratings for new dwellings. This is helping create energy efficient, resilient and comfortable homes for the future that cost less to run. Malvern Gardens has a 7.5 star energy rating; well in excess of the industry standard.

Better Apartment Design Guidelines

The apartments are designed in accordance with the Victorian Government’s Better Apartment Design Guidelines. This includes building arrangement, building performance (such as noise impacts and energy efficiency) and apartment amenity (such as windows, storage and accessibility).

Sustainable Materials

Contributing to a cleaner future and greater sense of wellbeing, Malvern Gardens is appointed with non-toxic materials throughout. All internally applied paint adhesives have a low or ultra-low VOC content and all engineered timber is low in formaldehyde levels in line with Green Star Buildings V1 Credit 13.

Cross Flow Ventilation

The homes achieve natural cross flow ventilation that is well above industry standard, reducing reliance on artificial cooling and therefore improving overall air quality and reducing carbon emissions. Malvern Gardens exceeds the industry standard (BESS) by 10% (approx.).

Extensive Landscaping

There are approximately 2,360 plants in the building encompassing a mix of 30 different species. This has a range of health benefits to residents including improved air quality and overall feelings of wellbeing. It will also reduce the development’s carbon footprint and nourish the local ecology.

Whole of Home Initiative

The apartments have been inspired to meet the standards of Sustainability Victoria’s ‘Whole of Home Initiative’, leading to reduced costs and emissions. This brings into consideration the performance of appliances within a home and their impact on overall energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, and cost.

Good Insulation

The higher the R value, the greater the resistance to heat transfer, resulting in better insulation and increased energy savings, lower costs and emissions. Sustainability Victoria recommend the R value is a minimum of R1.5 – Malvern Gardens is almost double that industry standard at R2.5.

Rainwater Tank

Malvern Gardens is equipped with a 25,000L rainwater tank connected for toilet flushing and landscape irrigation. It is estimated the tank will save approximately 237kL of water a year and meet 25% of the demand of garden and body corporate costs, helping residents to save on their OC Fees.

Bike Parking

Encouraging less reliance on car travel – and therefore reducing carbon emissions – Malvern Gardens is equipped with 24 bicycle spaces. This provides a ratio of approximately one resident bicycle space for every apartment. In addition, 4 bicycle spaces are to be provided for residential visitors.

Double Glazed & Operable Windows

Malvern Gardens features double glazed and operable windows throughout, designed to maximise natural ventilation while reducing heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. ‘Good Daylight Amenity’ is also achieved and exceeds industry standards by 13%, improving overall quality of living.